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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder input can be key to obtaining important insights, identifying blindspots, strengthening programs and securing critical buy-in and support.  I can help you identify the right stakeholders to engage with, seek their input and develop operational and funding partnerships.

Partnership Development

For most big challenges, no single player can tackle them alone.  I enjoy identifying, vetting and reaching out to organizations with complimentary goals and excel at forging lasting partnerships.

Program Development

Reaching social impact and sustainable development objectives requires a clear "Theory of Change" and road tested strategies. Leveraging my career in international development, I can help you design projects, programs and initiatives that deliver impact.

Impact Indicators

Targets, milestones and key performance indicators give you and your partners a roadmap of where you are going. I can help you chart and measure your progress by developing targets, milestones, and key performance indicators.

Monitoring & Evaluation 

Programs are as amazing as the results they achieve.  In a world of constantly changing circumstances, adaptive program management is key to learning and improving as you go.  Formal and informal reviews of programs and projects can help gather critical insights to  collect data on program operations and impacts, show results, improve and change course if needed.  This kind of information can also be critical in securing additional funding.

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