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Facilitated Strategy Workshops

Involve your team in co-creating your sustainability goals and priorities with a facilitated workshop  

Bring key leaders from across your organization together to co-create your
sustainability strategy. Explore and align on opportunities for your organization to
build the business by improving your social and environmental responsibility. The process builds a sense of shared vision and ownership of both the process and the outcomes. It also generates excitement and a real opportunity to innovate.

Overall Strategies will work with you to identify the key sustainability-related
challenges and opportunities for your business. Develop a strategy for utilizing
sustainability goals to build customer loyalty, reach new market segments, deepen the commitment of employees and cut costs.

1-2 day workshops review the material sustainability issues for your company, raise awareness of the kinds of initiatives other companies have launched, and guide the discussion towards crafting the strategy or approach that is right for your company.

Basic Facilitation Package:​


Workshop Preparation:

Three days of preparation including developing the
agenda, facilitation slide decks providing an overview of the context, landscape of
corporate action, competitive inspiration, and structured activities to guide

Workshop facilitation:

One-day workshop that solicits team input to discussion
prompts, feedback on possible focus areas, activities, goals and implementation.

Post-workshop support:

Two days of follow on support to translate information
gathered during workshop into basic strategy framework.
*Additional support can be added. This may include, competitive benchmarking,
materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, SWOT assessment, etc.